Global Politics Certificate

This program structures multidisciplinary course work and overseas educational experiences to offer a course of study for students interested in understanding politics, political structures, and political institutions around the globe. The certificate requires overseas experience as well as language and Political Science training necessary to make such an experience valuable. It offers the opportunity to build upon the ideas and insights acquired abroad in research and other activities at Rutgers.

While the career interests of students undertaking this certificate program are diverse and there is no expectation that they will pursue any particular career track, the skills and experiences that can be acquired in this program will be valuable for students interested in transnational organizations or institutions; American foreign policy; or graduate study in international affairs, public policy, international business, law or an academic discipline.


  • This program is open only to declared Political Science majors.
  • Students must submit a letter of intent to participate in the certificate program to the Undergraduate Studies office in the Political Science Department (Room 509 Hickman on Douglass Campus) before the first semester of their junior year. This letter should include a description of the student's interests and career aspirations and his/her plans for meeting the international experience requirement.
  • Students must complete with a grade of C or better all Political Science major requirements as supplemented below. This includes a minimum of thirteen 3-credit courses in Political Science, at least nine of which must be at the 300/400 level and one of which must be 01:790:395.
    • Global Politics Certificate students must complete both 01:790:102 Intro International Relations and 01:790:103 Comparative Politics
    • Global Politics Certificate students must complete a minimum of four 300/ 400 level courses in foreign and international politics, not including the senior thesis, internship, independent study, or 01:790:395 (Political Science Seminar).
    • Global Politics Certificate students must complete an international experience, defined as study abroad through Rutgers or another accredited university; a CASE international program through Rutgers; or work with an international or transnational agency. A one-term experience is the norm; one year is recommended; and one summer is permissible under special circumstances. Arrangements for the international experience must be approved by the department in advance. Academic credit toward major is awarded on a case-by-case basis. Students should begin their search for placement at a foreign university or in an international program by visiting the Rutgers Study Abroad website
  • Global Politics Certificate students must demonstrate proficiency in a relevant foreign language, defined as qualifying for 300-level courses in that language.
  • Global Politics Certificate students must participate in two extracurricular activities with global, international, or foreign focus that are approved by the advisors for the Global Politics Certificate listed below. Students must provide a summary report for each activity using the forms provided by the department.

To receive the Global Politics Certificate and have it so noted on your transcript, you must submit a Rutgers transcript with study abroad courses listed or a completed international experience plus literature; and four extracurricular activities forms plus literature. Click below for forms. Please bring these items to Professor Dennis Bathory.

Please see the faculty advisor for more information:
Prof. Dennis Bathory
Room 506 Hickman DC This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.