World Flags with name of program: M.A. Program - Political Science: United Nations and Global Policy Studies

Master of Arts in Political Science

2019 ESI diversity photo with passportsThe MA Degree in Political Science - Concentration in the United Nations and Global Policy studies, (UNMA) cultivates career professionals who understand complex global policy topics and who have the hard skills to operate successfully in international organizations, corporations, governments and non-profit institutions. Through rigorous academic training, our graduates develop comprehensive critical thinking, research, and policy analysis expertise, as well as an extensive knowledge-base of international policies and topics necessary to excel in the arena of international affairs, development, and more.  Whether you are Rutgers student, prospective student, applicant, faculty or a member of the general public, we invite you to explore the rich content of our website as you will find useful information about UNMA program, careers in global policy, profiles of our extremely diverse student body and many more. 

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Please check us out in the 2022 Department of Political Science Annual Report

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