Academic Credits

The MA in Political Science - United Nations and Global Policy Studies is a 36 credit (12 courses) program designed to meet the flexibility required in light of the professional commitments many of our students have.  

All students enrolled in MA Program in United Nations and Global Policy Studies are required to take the following Core Courses:


In addition to core courses, the UNMA curriculum is organized around five areas of concentration that are meant to offer a specialization which a student can present to an prospective employer. Concentrations, however, are not meant to constrain the choice of courses that are of interest to UNMA students. If students are planning to take any courses outside of the UNMA Program they need to get an approval from the Director of the UNMA Program.

All UNMA courses are 500-level courses. 600-level courses are reserved for Political Science PhD Program. Please check UNMA Schedule of Classes before enrolling in any course. Please, note sample syllabi are provided for information only. They are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor who will clearly communicate all changes when the course is offered. Please, see the full list of UNMA courses and sample syllabi by areas of concentration by clicking on each course number above.