Credits: 3

Cyber warfare is using information technologies against the sovereignty of other nations for the purpose of destruction or disabling vital and critical infrastructure and causing instability of services to achieve or force a certain political agenda. Politics of Cyber warfare is our latest offering of cyber security classes aiming at discovering how the cyber was, is, and will continue to influence our modern politics. Facts and proofs of hacking and security breaching were found in our previous presidential election. The DNC were hacked by external entities and several US agencies, including the FBI and the CIA,  have made allegations that tied these incident to other nations.

In this course, we will analyze several case studies and scenarios of critical political cyber warfare incidents which intended to force the target opponent to follow a certain hidden agenda. In cyber warfare, software and hardware exploitation is usually performed in order to damage the controlling processes within the targeted system. Therefore, from a technical prospective,  and by using forensic science, we will investigate the characteristics of cyber warfare, cyber weapons, political hackers and hacktivism, cyber militias and strategies in the use and misuse of cyber warfare which led to executing successful political hacking.

Sample Syllabus