• Antonia Mayer
  • Story Title: A UNMA student who is a published author
  • Student Profile: Mayer, Antonia
  • Antonia Mayer

Antonia Mayer wrote a piece for European Horizons at Yale University. European Horizons is a transatlantic policy incubator founded at Yale University.
The publication is part of European Horizons' Pandemic Policy Series, a campaign dedicated to exploring European and transatlantic policies and experiences during this unprecedented time in global politics.

The piece delves into the European Union's response to tackle disinformation campaigns around Covid-19 that threaten health, public security and crisis communication. It scrutinizes how ill-prepared the European Union and Western governments are in countering disinformation attacks, especially in the midst of a current crisis and explains how Europe’s framework for understanding such attacks needs to be adjusted. In realizing that this information competition will determine the global order of cyber actors, the European Union can work with its allies and its citizens to make cyberspace safer for democracy and to prevent the erosion of the European values of democracy, security, justice and freedom.

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