• Yizhong Yang
  • Story Title: United Nations Intern
  • Student Profile: Yang, Yizhong
  • Yizhong Yang

Yizhong started his internship at United Nations Environment Programme New York Office (UNEPNYO). He primarily assisted the Head of Communication of UNEP New York Office to produce communications. He also supports the UN Environment side events and social media platforms. Additionally, where required, he assisted reports on side events and briefings related to UN Environment. During High Level Political Forum that held this July at UNHQ, Yizhong participated dozens of meetings and conference that inspired him to learn more about political affairs and international relations.

With the internship, he has broaden his view on international organizations especially United Nations. Further, he enhanced his working capacities under a strict standard. He also has a view of some first hand information by attending normal meetings and side events of United Nations. He thoroughly understands how United Nations coordinate and collaborate with international agencies and intergovernmental affairs because he also works with other interns in the office. Yizhong compiled the High Level Political Forum Side Events Report for United Nations Environment Programme under his supervisor’s guidance. He is also going to assist UNEP events in the forthcoming 74th General Assembly meetings.

In the News

“It is a learning experience for me because this internship is closely related to my theoretical learning in UNMA. My career goal is to be an international civil servant in United Nations and other international organizations and this is my first step”.