Director's Welcome (from 2014)

Davis headshot July 2013Welcome to the MA Program in United Nations and Global Policy Studies at Rutgers - the State University of New Jersey!

Despite great strides in science and technology, the contemporary world continues to be plagued by war, social conflict and underdevelopment. As global citizens, we all face common problems. A growing number of institutions of higher education have concluded that,  just as we have defense academies to educate young people in the techniques of war, so we need a greater understanding of institutions such as the United Nations, and increased skills and creativity in global policy studies, to be able to train students in the techniques necessary for peaceful solutions to world problems. Rutgers - the State University of New Jersey is proud to be at the forefront of this effort, and is the only university to offer a fully developed United Nations and global policy studies program.

The mission of the MA Program in United Nations and Global Policy Studies is to educate students and practitioners about the critical issues that confront global society.  These issues include the causes of violence and war, the history and techniques of peacemaking, promoting sustainable development, advancing gender equality and women's empowerment, protecting the global environment and cultural heritage, and improving public health.  The goal of the program's curriculum is to offer students cutting edge theoretical and conceptual understanding of the challenges facing the world, as well as provide them with the skills necessary to address these challenges.  The MA Program encourages its students to pursue careers that will promote peace and justice in both the global and local arenas.

This MA Program's training begins with a curriculum that focuses on the United Nations' eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals – which range from halving extreme poverty rates to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 – form a blueprint agreed upon by all UN members and leading development institutions. As we approach 2015, representatives of UN member states, civil society and philanthropic organizations, the private sector and the Academy are engaged in a comprehensive dialogue that will set the stage for cooperation in establishing an expanded post-2015 development agenda.  This new development agenda will provide an exciting opportunity for the MA Program to broaden and enrich its curriculum.

The critical role of higher education in economic and social development, and as a foundation for world peace, is widely acknowledged. What is lacking is greater resolve and action on the part of academic leaders around the world. By formally endorsing the Millennium Development Goals as articulated by the United Nations, Rutgers - the State University of New Jersey, has made a commitment to use education as an engine for addressing global problems.

The MA Program in United Nations and Global Policy Studies provides an excellent preparation for those seeking to pursue careers in international affairs, whether in the diplomatic service, the Peace Corps, the United Nations, International Governmental Organizations(IGOs), NGOs, or the Academy. Areas of focus can include human rights, social and economic development, disarmament, conflict analysis, peacemaking, environmental research, public health and preservation of world heritage.

We invite you to explore our website. If you are a prospective student, we hope that you will look closely at our program and what it has to offer. Please contact me via either e-mail, or by telephone at 848-932-9576 - I will be pleased to provide answers to any questions that you may have.

With my best wishes,

Eric Davis, Ph.D.

Executitve Director, MA Program in United Nations and Global Policy Studies
Professor of Political Science
Department of Political Science
Rutgers - the State University of New Jersey