Admission Requirements

The curriculum of the M.A. degree program is designed to provide students with qualitative and quantitative analytical skills and with the hands-on management expertise required by leaders in the major fields of Political Science, Global Public Policy, and United Nations Studies. The program of study requires 36 credits (12 courses) and a practicum (for diplomats only). Students are required to take two introductory courses (An Introduction to the United Nations: Theories, Institutions, Processes and Policies and Theory and Method in the Study of Global Affairs), four introductory electives, four advanced electives, and two required exit level seminars (Capstone Seminar I & II in United Nations Studies). Diplomats are required to take the Practicum in United Nations Studies: Formulating UN Resolutions and Strategies for Achieving Implementation, which is a three credit course. The elective requirements can be distributed throughout a student’s program of study.

The uniqueness of this program is that while many M.A. programs require full-time study, our students will not be required to enroll on a continuing basis. They will be allowed between 2-4 years to complete the necessary 36 credits (12 courses) for the M.A. degree. While a full semester course load is 9 credits (3 courses), students can take a reduced course load, allowing greater flexibility in scheduling their classes.