Who are the ideal candidates for the MA program?


  • Qualified students who are curious about  international relations, and who are eager to understand global events in a systematic and meaningful way.
  • Diplomats at the UN’s 193 delegations

  • Agency personnel employed by the UN’s myriad agencies NGOs in the New York City area, especially those that work on global issues 

  • Members of the internationally oriented business and legal communities in the New York City area that work in global public policy or an international company 

  • Diplomats-in-training who visit the UN during the General Assembly each fall and who would require 2-5 day intensive courses offered by Rutgers faculty

  • Non-matriculated UN agency employees who will enroll in individual courses whose content reflects their professional specializations 

  • UN employees interested in a general overview of the UN through a two course Certificate Program (to be developed should the concentration be successful)

  • Any qualified student interested in the content and professional career opportunities offered by the proposed MA concentration, including  the fields of international business, international law, international education, non-governmental organizations, international mediation and peace-building.