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  • Bailey Eaise
  • Specialties: Public Law, Political Theory, American Political Development, Crime and Punishment, Criminal Justice Reform.
  • Bio:

    Bailey Eaise holds a PhD in Political Science from Rutgers University. Her research focuses on the bureaucratic dimension of American penal state-building and criminal justice reform policy. Her dissertation "Welfare Behind the Wall: the Bureaucratic Origins and Development of Correctional Education in America" situates the institutional development of prisons at the crossroads of welfare and penal state development. Eaise draws on over 9,000 pages of archival data to reconstruct how twentieth-century prison bureaucratic entrepreneurs designed, implemented, and ultimately defended educational programming through the law and order era in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Welfare Behind the Wall sheds light on the Right on Crime reform platform by tracing key movement leaders' early efforts to dismantle correctional education in Texas and finds that, perversely, decarceration policies may translate to an absolute loss of social welfare provision in the United States. 

  • Teaching:

    The Nature of Politics

    Gender and Political Theory

    American Political Thought

    Marx and Marxist Theory

    The Western Tradition