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  • Dilafruz Nazarova
  • Director of Development, MA Program in Political Science - United Nations and Global Policy Studies
  • Office: HCK 312
  • Specialties: Comparative Politics, Law and Politics
  • Bio:

    Dilafruz Nazarova is accomplished human rights lawyer from Tajikistan and currently a lecturer at the Political Science Department of Rutgers University, where she obtained her PhD degree. She also has LLM from the University of Essex (UK). Her research interests and areas of expertise primarily include international law and human rights as well as public law and comparative politics.  Dr. Nazarova worked for her government and several international organizations including the International Committee of the Red Cross, Penal Reform International, Rule of Law Initiative of the American Bar Association, and British Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Her previous work at the UN Peace-Building Support Mission in Tajikistan as a part of the human rights office was regarded as particularly relevant to the UN and Global Policy Studies MA Program (UNMA) where she works now as a Director of Development. While at Rutgers, Dr. Nazarova teaches courses on International Law, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, International Organizations, and International Human Rights Law to undergraduate students.  As part of UNMA faculty, Dr. Nazarova offers online courses on Introduction to the United Nations and International Law & the United Nations. In her role as a Director of Development of UNMA Program, Dr. Nazarova gained extensive experience in academic administration, including but not limited to program marketing and management, curriculum develoment, student advising, admissions and study abroad program management. She is a recepient of OSI/Chevening Scholarship, Open Society Foundations Doctoral Fellowship, and Rutgers Pre-Doctral Leadearhsip Development Institute Fellowship.