• Joseph Campisano
  • Story Title: Graduate Research and Program Assistant for CCIS
  • Student Profile: Campisano, Joseph
  • (Left to right) Joseph Campisano, CCIS Director Ava Majlesi, and Sassi Rajput

Throughout the 2021-22 school year, Joseph Campisano worked with Rutgers’ Center for Critical Intelligence Studies (CCIS) as a graduate research assistant. Joseph works directly with CCIS’ director, Ava Majlesi, (pictured here with Sassi Rajput) on a variety of projects. This includes assisting with general research such as on public trust in government that contributed to a presentation given by Director Majlesi. He also advanced student engagement with the Center, promotes career opportunities in the intelligence sector, and assists the Center with finding applicable federal grants. Joseph also works with the Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience in his role. He has worked on event coordination and administrative tasks for both Centers. This experience furthered Joseph’s interest in the intelligence community and public service while strengthening his research and analysis skills.