• Juanita Adames
  • Story Title: Trickle Up Technical Assistance Manager, BLOG publishing
  • Student Profile: Adames, Juanita
  • Juanita Adames (right) with her sister

In the Summer of 2021, Juanita Adames worked with AVSI Foundation Uganda to design a Needs Assessment to strengthen the design of a digital literacy training curriculum. From the Needs Assessment data, Juanita co-led the design of a digital literacy training curriculum for refugee and host community women in Kamwenge District that are on their upward trajectory out of extreme poverty. The curriculum she and her partner designed seeks to build participants’ capacity to operate a basic smartphone, and leverage the many benefits it offers, such as mobile applications and other digital services (e.g. market information, e-wallets, etc.) to enable them to continue to assist themselves on their trajectories out of poverty. The curriculum further address the specific gender risks and benefits to mitigate challenges and support the sustainable integration of women's economic empowerment. Check out the Blog here:   https://t.co/WUp180yzOT?amp=1