• Harrison Burke
  • Story Title: Internship at the NJ Governor's office
  • Student Profile: Burke, Harrison
  • NJ Governor Phil Murphy

"This past Spring, between February and May of 2018, I interned in Governor Murphy’s Office in Trenton, NJ. It was an illuminating experience, which gave me useful insight into how the executive branch works in New Jersey.

I worked in the governor’s briefings and advance office. That office is responsible for planning and executing all the appearances the governor makes around the state. Events ranged from parades and rallies, to press conferences and round tables. If the governor was present at the event, someone from briefings and advance was there with him. Our office was also in charge of writing and editing all of the governor’s memos about different events he was attending.

Working in that office was a real learning experience for me. When I wasn’t in the governor’s office building in Trenton learning the in’s and out’s of the executive, I was on the road with the staff and the governor. I did everything. I held the governor’s banner in a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I helped set up the sound and mic systems at a press conference where the governor laid out his vision for a New Jersey more reliant on clean energy. I even ran into Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords on the elevator when she came to the governor’s office for a press conference. It was a great internship. I am happy I was able to have that opportunity and I learned a great deal."