• Michelle Adames-Sucameli

Here is Michelle Adames-Sucameli, in her first year UNMA student visiting the beautiful Amman, Jordan this Fall. While in Amman, Michelle visited numerous sites and caught up with old friends from her previous trips to the Hashemite Kingdom. Michelle believes deeply in the power of travel to transform lives. She says, “I think American’s believe the Middle East is like this or like that. I don’t think it’s either. I wish that more Americans came here and saw firsthand the beauty of this country, its language and its culture. There’s so much more to the MENA than what we see on TV.” Throughout her time in Amman, Michelle attended several events including exhibitions at Amman Design week and the Jordanian National Museum. She also visited some of her most favorite destinations in the city such as Jabal Luweibdeh and Wasat al Balad. She considers Jordan her home away from home. To quote his Royal Highness King Hussein Bin Talal, "Jordan has a strange, haunting beauty and a sense of timelessness. Dotted with the ruins of empires once great, it is the last resort of yesterday in the world of tomorrow. I love every inch of it.”