Majdi Awad is an aspiring researcher and Political Science M.A. candidate in United Nations and Global Policy Studies at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. His Palestinian-Polish heritage and family history of facing systemic hunger and land occupation fuel his passion for addressing food insecurity and the politicization of humanitarian aid in conflict zones. 

After earning a Bachelor of Philosophy degree from Seton Hall University, Majdi became deeply involved in studying the intersection of sustainable development, food insecurity, and aid effectiveness. His research shines a light on the intricate complexities of aid dependency and the obstacles humanitarian organizations encounter while aiming to carve out pathways toward achieving food sovereignty and democratizing food systems in regions plagued by prolonged crises. 

Alongside his academic pursuits, Majdi has worked as a Research Assistant at Shariawiz since January 2019. Since October 2023, Majdi has also served as a Research Assistant under Dr. Eric Davis at Rutgers University, investigating the impacts of ethnocentric populism on liberal democracy, and contributing to research that will inform Dr. Davis's forthcoming book on the subject. 

Looking ahead, Majdi plans to pursue a PhD to further his research on integrating sustainable agricultural practices and conflict-sensitive approaches within humanitarian aid frameworks. Through a multifaceted methodology, he intends to generate actionable insights and collaborate with aid agencies and international institutions to promote long-term solutions to food insecurity in conflict zones.