Earvin Perez is a master’s degree candidate pursuing a Master of Art through the United Nations and Global Policy Studies (UNMA) program in Political Science at Rutgers University, concentrating on conflict resolution, counter-terrorism, and cyber security. Earvin holds a Law Degree from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, with a concentration in International Law.  

While in his career, Earvin gained experience as an intern at the Mexican Embassy in Paraguay, which seeded in him a passion for the international landscape where he seeks the path for the private sector and a government agency as a policy research and risk analyst, implementing innovation on foreign and development policies that can respond to volatile crises. 

Earvin is fluent in English and Spanish and knows German and French. He believes that to make an impact on the world, you must start with small changes and make sacrifices that will lead you to become a better person and change the world.