• Scott Banes

Scott Banes is a 2023 graduate of the United Nations and Global Policy Master’s Program and a former Army ROTC Cadet, commissioned as a 2LT through the Rutgers Army ROTC Program under the Green-to-Gold Active Duty Option (G2G ADO) Program, a competitive selection process offered to Active Duty Enlisted Soldiers who are selected. Previously, Cadet Banes held a position as a BN S2 Analyst (35F), maintaining a Top Secret Security Clearance, in the 1-506 INF REG at Fort Campbell, KY before moving back to NJ to begin his UNMA Program and ROTC Program. He has branched Military Police (MP) as 2LT.

Cadet Banes held the positions of Cadet BN S2 and PSG TAC during the Fall 2022 semester and then held the positions of Cadet BN AS3 and PSG TAC during the Spring 2023 semester. Cadet Banes was a member of the Army ROTC Fall 2022 intramural volleyball team, a member of the Army ROTC Queen’s Guard from Spring 2022-Present, maintains an ACFT score in the top 10% of the Scarlet Knight BN, and is the founder of the unofficial Army ROTC LGBTIQ+ Support Group in Fall 2022. Cadet Banes has helped plan, organize, and instruct at various ROTC Military Science labs throughout his senior year at Rutgers. Scott's graduate area of interests in in the Conflict Resolution, Counter Terrorism and Cyber Security area along with Democracy, Development and Human Rights. After the military, Scott would ultimately like to be working for Federal foreign policy roles in the State Department or similar.