• Faustina Owoh


Faustina Owoh is a Master’s degree candidate in the Rutgers Department of Political Science’s United Nations and Global Policy Studies program. Faustina completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Women, Gender and Sexualities Studies with a concentration in International and Global Studies and a Certificate in Women's Leadership at Rutgers University in May of 2022. During her undergraduate years, she was the President of 3 organizations: the Rutgers NAACP Chapter, Bluefoot Print Project, and the Women, Gender and Sexualities Honor Society. She was a panelist at the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights’ Mental Health in the Black Community: Recognition, Recovery, and Resilience program. She was also a moderator for Rutgers Newark’s School of Public Affairs and Administration symposium A Rise in Justice: Conversations For All and Sundry. 

Faustina is passionate about connecting with the world through languages and politics. She currently studies Greek, Egyptian Arabic, Igbo, and Spanish with the future hopes of becoming a polyglot. One of her favorite quote is from Nelson Mandela where he says, “Because when you speak a language, English, well many people understand you, including Afrikaners, but when you speak Afrikaans, you know you go straight to their hearts.”She sees understanding multiple languages as a way to speak to connect with people in a way they understand and as a way, as Mandela said, to their hearts.

Faustina aspires to be an International Human Rights Attorney, in hopes of fighting for the rights of women and children all over the world, specifically in the Global South region.