• Niklas Hutz


Niklas Hutz is a Fulbright scholar and graduate exchange student from the University of Konstanz in Germany. He is pursuing a Double Degree (MA) in Political Science offered by Rutgers University and the University of Konstanz while focusing on International Relations and European Integration. For years, Niklas has been particularly fascinated by peace and conflict studies, UN peacekeeping in civil wars as well as by the impact of international organizations. Besides, he is interested in quantitative and empirical research methods.

Niklas holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Mannheim with a minor in Business Administration. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, he spent one semester at Trinity College in Dublin. During his stay at Rutgers, he has also been a visiting student at Princeton University.
Besides having worked as a research assistant at various political research institutions at Mannheim and Konstanz, Niklas gained extensive work experience while working as an intern at the German Embassy in Belgrade, the German development agency GIZ, and for a political consultancy in Berlin. Before coming to Rutgers, Niklas worked as an advisor for the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Defense in Germany. He is fluent in German and English, has proficient knowledge in Serbian and French, as well as basic knowledge of Spanish. After graduating, Niklas seeks to work in an international environment where he wants to continue focusing on foreign and security policy as well as development cooperation.

“The exchange program between the University of Konstanz and Rutgers University is a perfect complement to my previous academic and professional experiences. The comprehensive range of courses at Rutgers University offers me the ideal conditions for my personal development and professional ambitions. Coming to Rutgers has been one of the best decisions during my studies. The practical backgrounds of many lecturers in the UNMA program allow me to gain fascinating insights into the actual work within the United Nations.”