Student Profiles

Sheikh, Fariha

Fariha Sheikh will graduate with a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Rutgers Business School in the Fall of 2021. She is currently enrolled in the Accelerated Master’s Program in the United Nations and Global Policy Studies at Rutgers University, and aims to specialize in Globalization, Social Entrepreneurship and Responsible Business Practices. Fariha is also a student advisory board member at the Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation.

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia with her family’s origin from Pakistan, Fariha is passionate about issues concerning the Middle East and South Asian regions. She is working on a business plan to launch a social enterprise before graduation, and in the future, aims to establish non-profit organizations across Pakistan to provide high quality resources to orphans and underrepresented children in the country. Fariha’s background has allowed for her fluency in English and Urdu, and she is working towards fluency in Arabic.

Fariha held an internship as a partnerships coordinator with United Planet, a non-profit organization based in Boston, where she successfully launched partnerships across the public, private and non-profit sectors. She also expanded United Planet’s reach into Pakistan, by fostering relationships with schools catering to orphans and children in rural areas. Her experiences at United Planet and cultural background have cultivated her interest to work in dynamic, multicultural environments, where she can meet people from around the world.

“I read somewhere that what if the cure to cancer or the next big breakthrough is in the mind of a child who doesn’t have enough resources to cultivate their talents? The world would be deprived of excellence, and the child would spend their days in vain. That thought has stayed with me, so if I can make even the smallest difference towards a child’s future, I am hopeful that the mark they leave on the world will not go unnoticed.”