Student Profiles

Lewis, Grace

Grace is a current undergraduate studying towards a double major in Labor & Employment Relations, and Communications; she is also a student in the UNMA Accelerated Graduate program.  Within her undergraduate schedule she is also a research assistant in the Aresty program at Rutgers, working on the John Lewis historical project.  

Alongside her current internship experience with the Career and Exploration Success office this year, Grace is looking toward internships in the fields of PR, HR, and political fields.  A future in humanitarian law and policy is driving her studies.  Being recruited from New Zealand to join the Women’s Rowing team at Rutgers meant Grace transferred from her domestic studies – Bachelor of Laws.  She intends to return and complete this degree as she progresses toward a legally influenced career. 

“Every day we have an opportunity to help ourselves, and one another, towards social progress.  Education is a catalyst for this.  Each day if we can choose to inform ourselves, we are making the future a brighter place.”