• Grace Lewis

Grace is a graduate student who joined the program through the UNMA Accelerated pathway during her undergrad at Rutgers. Alongside her studies she competes as a student-athlete on the Rutgers Women’s Rowing team as well as interns at the NYC PR agency '360PR.’ Grace joined Rutgers in 2019 as an international recruit from New Zealand and has seriously loved her time here at Rutgers.

Following her graduation May of 2022, Grace has secured a full-time role at a marketing agency in the position of Junior Account Executive. She intends to expand beyond her role and focus efforts into the sustainability strategizing her company is developing internally as well as externally to their clients. Although she has a passion for marketing and communications, her long-term goals are to combine her interest in global affairs with her work in communication to provide a middle-ground that brings together expert’s discussions to the general public. She does intend to return to New Zealand someday and complete her Bachelor of Laws.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.”