• Elene Kurtanidze

Elene is an international student from Tbilisi (Georgia), graduating from the UNMA program in January of 2021 with a concentration is in Cyber Security, Counter-terrorism, and Conflict Resolution.  Before commencing her graduate studies at the Rutgers University,  Elene pursued her studies at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social Studies and master’s degree in Public Administration. 

While at the Iowa State University, Elene completed internship programs with local NGOs, Tbilisi City Hall, Parliament of Georgia, and participated as an exit-poll researcher in the 2018 presidential election of Georgia. In addition to her native language, Georgian, Elene also knows Greek, Russian, English, and Spanish.

Due to Elene’s background, as she as a child witnessed not only political unrest but a cyber as well as the conventional war between Georgia and Russia, her career goal is to become IR professional:

“I am convinced that I have found my niche and want to dedicate my career to working in the field of international relations, as I aspire to contribute to a conflict resolution between the Western and Eastern parts of the world.”