• Xinyi He
  • Xinyi He
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  • Degree(s): BA, Communications and Media Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN; MBA, Business Administration and Management, University of North America, Fairfax, VA; and MA , Political Science, United Nations and Global Policy Studies, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
  • Languages: Chinese, English and Elementary Proficiency in French.
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    Stop Sexual Assault in Schools Internship

Xinyi He is a Master degree candidate in United Nations and Global Policy Studies at Rutgers University. Before she went to Rutgers University, she completed a bachelor's degree in Communication and Culture at Indiana University and worked as a reporter in Washington D.C. for five years.

Xinyi focuses more about Women's and Children's Rights, and wants to help achieve gender equality, decrease women and children poverty, reduce the harm that customs do to women and children.

Xinyi speaks fluently English and Chinese Mandarin.