• Lance Jensen


Prior to enrollment to Rutgers UNMA Graduate Program, Lance Jensen’s domestic and international service spans six continents and as many conflicts.  From 2007 to 2017, he served as an operation and plans officer in the US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command where he trained several units of over 250 US Soldiers, each, to conduct operations in Africa and the South West Asia Theater Commands.  His last assignment prior to a 30 year retirement, from January to June 2017, he served as the U.S. Mission to Somalia Security Cooperation Chief, the first Mission to Somalia since 1993. Prior to his tenure in Civil Affairs, he served in 3rd battalion, 20th Special Forces Group for six years, the first two years as First Sergeant and Commander in command of a 48 soldier Military Intelligence detachment in the absence of an assigned commander; subsequently upon return from Afghanistan was direct commissioned to Lieutenant to command the same detachment. During this time, he led Soldiers through two deployments in Afghanistan in nearly a year of continuous combat.  Preceding this, Lance was a cryptanalyst and Spanish interpreter in locations throughout Central and South America supporting DEA and Special Forces Operations for the War on Drugs.

Lance Jensen's civilian service includes operating as a Defense Intelligence Agency Human Intelligence Officer, Asymmetric Warfare Course Developer and Instructor creating course work for the Joint Military Intelligence Center, and as a USDA Intelligence Analyst and Watch Officer.  Serving as Senior Intelligence Analyst, he provided intelligence support on worldwide agricultural issues including trade, animal and plant diseases, and terrorist threat assessments of the Nation's food supply to the USDA Secretary of Agriculture and USDA Director of Homeland Security and Principals.

In 2010, in service to the community, Lance Jensen extended the Fort Bragg Toy Drop Operation to the Mid-Atlantic states; a program that provides thousands of toys each year to children in need while engaging the US Army and international airborne community in a military parachuting badge exchange program. In addition, he supports the Monmouth County, New Jersey AUSA chapter facilitating professional careers for US Army reservists and veterans.  Always supportive of his family's activities he has been a soccer and basketball coach for his sons’ teams; a crew member and tour guide of the Draken Harald, an historic Viking ship and experiential education program; and a participant in Outward Bound for combat veterans in Colorado, as well as teen programs in Maine and Minnesota.