Kira Sanbonmatsu
Kira Sanbonmatsu
Hickman Hall - 609

Spring 2019 Office Hours: By appt.

Women and Politics; American Politics

Ph.D., Harvard University
B.A., University of Massachusetts Amherst


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American politics, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Parties, Elections, Public Opinion, and State Politics

Spring 2019: Advanced Topics in Women and Politics

Gender, Race, and the American Party System*

This course examines party scholarship related to race/ethnicity and gender. How do studies of gender, race, and ethnicity intersect with party scholarship? We will consider whether attention to gender and race/ethnicity can contribute to party theory and we will debate the usefulness of party scholarship for understanding gender/race/ethnic politics. We will ask if gender and race issues have been incorporated into the U.S. party system, under what conditions, and with what consequences, and whether the major parties help or hinder representation for women and racial/ethnic minorities. Do race/ethnicity and/or gender drive U.S. party politics? Are race and gender issues excluded from party politics? Do race and gender compete with party to organize American politics? We will compare research on gender with research on race and investigate the limited research on the intersection of gender and race. We will primarily focus on the most recent scholarship related to parties, race, and gender. We will also consider the role of intersectional theorizing in this research area.


*This class is supported by DataCamp, the most intuitive learning platform for data science.