Come Join the Flying Class!

Have you ever dreamt about studying outside in the open air?

Study nationalism and collective identity on hallowed historical ground, walking the paths of warriors and politicians!

 Try experiential learning in Barcelona!


The Class 01:790:389:H6  Topics in Comparative Politics: Barcelona Experience

A 3 credit class flying to the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.  Enjoy all that the city can offer!  We will re-create the last battles of the Spanish Civil War in their authentic locations and inspect up-close the meaning of national separatism and collective identity as reflected in the Catalan case.

Dates: July 8-14,2014. See this syllabus or brochure for more information.

Price: $3,000

This include flights, hotel, transportation, attractions, 2 meals. There is a possibility for monthly payments without interest. The faster the enrollment and the bigger the group, the lower the price.

Guide: Professor Muli Peleg, Hickman Hall 611, office hours: Mondays 4-7 pm, phone 732 407-4249