Meet the 2013 team!

Kelly Clancy, Program Coordinatorkellynara

This is Kelly's third year with the Rutgers-Ritsumeikan program. She is passionate about internationalizing the curriculum, and loves to give students the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Kelly's broader research focuses on Comparative Politics of Central and Eastern Europe. In this picture, you can see Kelly hanging out with the wild deer on the island of Miyajima, one of the many field excursions the class took this year in Japan. Kelly says: "This program is unlike any other exchange program at Rutgers. It gives students the chance to study politics on the ground, in a comparative setting, while making long lasting friends with students from another country and culture."

Doug Jones, Program InstructorDougwebsite

Doug Jones joins the program this year as the instructor for the Spring course. Doug's interests in Comparative Politics span the globe: he studies Middle East institutions, political parties, and social movements. He also serves as Intern Coordinator at the Center for European Studies, where he works closely with undergraduate interns and high school teams preparing for the Euro Challenge competition. Doug has been a teaching assistant for Introduction to Comparative Politics for the past three semesters. He graduated from the University of Scranton in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in international politics. Doug says: "I wanted to become part of the Rutgers-Ritsumeikan program because it's such a unique and exciting opportunity. Despite the differences between American and Japanese societies, the students and faculty will explore together something they both share: how civil society has impacted the politics of each country."

Ashley Saffold, Undergraduate Teaching Assistantashleywebsite

Ashley is a Political Science/Sociology double major. She was a student in the 2012 Rutgers-Ritsumeikan Exchange Program, and has joined the team as a teaching assistant this fall. Ashley says "I am very excited to once again be a part of this program as the TA for this year. I look forward to sharing my final semester here with the Rutgers-Ritsumeikan Program." In this picture, you can see Ashley in one of the many scenic views of Kyoto.

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