About the Rutgers-Ritsumeikan Exchange Program


What is the Rutgers-Ritsumeikan Exchange Program?

The Rutgers-Ritsumeikan Exchange Program offers students a chance to study Political Science in a comparative setting. The Political Science Department at Rutgers, Rutgers Study Abroad, and the Office of International Education at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan co-facilitate this unique undergraduate exchange program. This highly selective program brings 15 Rutgers students and 15 Ritsumeikan students together to study politics from a comparative perspective, first at Rutgers each spring and then at Ritsumeikan each summer.

 Who is Eligible to Apply?

Students from across the university are eligible to apply. We select students based on their GPA, their interest in the course, and their desire to study abroad in Japan.

What are the Origins of the Program?

This program originated as a one-week trip Ritsumeikan students took to explore Rutgers. As the faculty at Rutgers and Ritsumeikan realized the value of studying important political questions in an applied setting, the program grew into what it is today: an opportunity to study comparative politics by meeting with opinion leaders in the field, and traveling abroad to see how these issues matter internationally.

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