Title: Comparative Public Policy (01:790:318:H6)

Instructor: Alex Jakubow

Instructor’s e-mail: ajakubow@polisci.rutgers.edu

Days, Times, Locations: Session III (07/11/2011 - 08/17/2011), MW 18:00-21:40 Hickman Hall 131 DC

Office Hours: MW 15:00-17:00, Center for European Studies 201

Synopsis: The study of comparative public policy is an attempt to understand how and why policy output varies across different countries.  As such, this course will explore different sets of public policy issues within the industrialized world.  Even when two or more countries are faced with similar problems, the policy solutions they adopt can and do vary.  Different countries enact different sets of rules and laws, adopt different approaches to taxation and spending, and provide varying forms of government services to their citizens.  This course provides us with an opportunity to learn more about how public policies in other nations differ from our own, while simultaneously challenging us to think about why they differ in the ways they do.