Title: Comparative Political Economy: (790:357:B6)
Instructor: Brian Cramer
Instructor's email: cramer@rci.rutgers.edu
Days, Times, Location: Session I (05/31/2011-07/08/2011) Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00p-10:20p, 
Cook/Douglass Lecture Hall, Room 109
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 1p-3p, Hickman Hall Room 303, and by appointment
Synopsis: This course will primarily focus on the most prominent theories that examine 
the ways in which politics shapes economic developments within countries, such as economic
growth, welfare policies, market reforms, the establishment of central banks, economic inequality,
and financial crises. Prominent theories explaining the ways in which economics shapes political
developments within countries (such as political regime type and voting behavior/electoral outcomes)
will also be examined. While less time will be spent on examining the political economies of specific
countries, the political economies of both developed and developing countries will be discussed
throughout the course.