Title: Mass Media & US Democracy (790:345:B6)
Instructor: M.S.Kleinberg
Instructor’s e-mail: mkleinb@rci.rutgers.edu
Days, Times, Location: Session I (05/31/2011-07/08/2011); MW 6:00 PM -10:20PM; HCK-118
Office Hours: MW 4:00PM - 5:00PM or by appointment. Office is located in the Eagleton Carriage House, second floor. 
Synopsis: In this course we will examine the connections between mass media, public opinion, and American politics. 
We will explore various questions: What are the connections between media and politics?
What effect does the media have on public opinion? How do campaign ads affect electoral behavior?
What is framing, priming and agenda-setting? How do the media shape political knowledge and
affect civic participation? What are we to make of the Web’s possibilities and downfalls?
How does the Internet affect young voters?