Title: Political Science Seminar: Policy Problems in the Courts (790:395:A6) 

Instructor: Prof. Milton Heumann

Instructor’s E-mail: Heumann@polisci.rutgers.edu

Dates, Times, Location: Summer I (05/31/11-06/24/11); TWTh 6-9:40pm; HCK-122

Office Hours: By Appointment

Synopsis: The course concentrates on exploring issues raised by the First and Fourteenth Amendments.  Speech, religion, gun control, and the "right to die", all are explored in detail in lectures and in the readings. Additionally, a major piece of the course  involves oral arguments before a "Court" on real cases involving these areas. Every student will have the opportunity to argue a case, and to serve on the "Court." This is a very intensive course; the workload is not light, nor are the expectations low. On the other hand, the material is wonderful, and the opportunity to grapple with these compelling issues in a seminar setting is invaluable.