Title: Democracy and Markets (790:395:11)
Instructor:  Robert Kaufman
Instructor’s email: Kaufrutger@Aol.com 
Day, Time, and Location:  Wednesdays, 2 and 3rd periods.  Hickman Hall
Office Hours:  Hickman Hall 608: Wednesdays 2:00 – 3:30 and by appointment.

Synopsis:  This course examines the relation between democracy and markets in Latin America, the countries of Eastern Europe, and in the Middle East.  The course is divided into four parts.  The first discusses the general opportunities and challenges involved in transitions from authoritarianism to democracy and in the establishment of market economies.  The second focuses on Latin America.  The third focuses on Islam, the Middle East, and Iraq.  The first deals with market reform and politics in Russia and other formerly socialist countries.