Title: Nature of Politics (790:101:16)
Instructor: Amy Buzby
Instructor’s e-mail: amybuzby@gmail.com
Days, times, location: TTH 6:10-7:30, MU-210 (College Ave Campus)
Office hours: Monday 2:30-5, Hickman 306

Synopsis: In this course we will explore significant works and issues in Political Science spanning from the dialogues of Plato to the works and crises of the present. Because it is impossible to understand these texts without attention to the sociopolitical crises and settings that engendered them, we will also turn our attention to historical and contextual landscapes as diverse as Athens and contemporary society as we encounter the assigned texts. We will always, furthermore, attempt to find the political significance, contemporary relevance and interconnections amongst the works we analyze. An emphasis will always be placed on enabling students to extract lessons, both positive and negative, of personal significance for every student from each work we engage. With each text we address we will devote specific attention to methods of reading and interpreting political texts and will develop several strategies for textual analysis. Students will always be encouraged to develop their skills and unique views through class discussions, written work and in office hours.