2014 Summer Undergraduate Course Offerings

Course #Course NameTimeLocationInstructorInstructor's Email
First Session May 27-June 20 (4 weeks)
pdf 01:790:395:A1 Activism and Advocacy: Citizen Groups and Social Movements M-TH 11:10-2:05 PM HCK 202 Leech leech@polisci.rutgers.edu
First Session May 27-July 3 (6 weeks)
01:790:101 Sec: B1 Nature of Politics Online Online Vamanu alvamanu@gmail.com
01:790:102 Sec: B6 Intro to International Relations Hybrid: T 6-9:40PM HCK 130 Gherasimov cgherasimov@polisci.rutgers.edu
01:790:104 Sec: B1 American Government Online Online Clancy kelly.clancy@rutgers.edu
01:790:106 Sec: B6 Law & Politics Hybrid: T 6-9:40PM RAB 104 Wollenberg ywollenberg@verizon.net
01:790:306 Sec: B1 American Presidency Online Online Bizzocco nikkibizz618@gmail.com
01:790:308 Sec: B6 New Jersey Politics MW 6-10PM HCK 202 Dworkin bdworkin@eden.rutgers.edu
01:790:311 Sec: B6 European Politics M 6-9:40PM HCK 119 Gherasimov cgherasimov@polisci.rutgers.edu
01:790:315 Sec: B1 Politics & Culture Online Online Rossi mrossi1@rci.rutgers.edu
01:790:322 Sec: B6 Strategies of International Relations Online Online Teo tteo@eden.rutgers.edu
01:790:335 Sec: B6 Women and American Politics Online Online Angevine sara.angevine@gmail.com
01:790:344 Sec: B6 Public Opinion Online Online Koning akoning@rutgers.edu
01:790:373 Sec: B6 Legal Philosophy Rights & Justice Hybrid: T 6-9:40PM HCK 201 Marandici ionmarandici@gmail.com
01:790:404 Sec: B1 Politics of Criminal Justice Online Online Howard geh46@eden.rutgers.edu
01:790:406 Sec: B1 Civil Liberties & Civil Rights Online Online Eaise jeaise@polisci.rutgers.edu
First Session May 27-August 13 (12 weeks)
01:790:398 Sec: T1 Washington Summer Internship BA BA Levine bjlevine@rci.rutgers.edu
01:790:481 Sec: T6 Internship in Political Science Online Online Field whfield@rci.rutgers.edu
Second Session June 23-July 31 (6 weeks)
01:790:423 Sec: E1 Contemporary Feminist Theory Hybrid: T 1:30-5:50 HCK 131 Angevine sara.angevine@gmail.com
Third Session July 7-August 13 (6 weeks)
01:790:101 Sec: H5 Nature of Politics Hybrid: T 2-5:40PM HCK 202 Shippen nshippen@lagcc.cuny.edu
01:790:103 Sec: H1 Comparative Politics Online Online Saraeva gsaraeva@yahoo.com
01:790:104 Sec: H6 American Government Hybrid: M 6-9:40PM FH-A2 Hickel hickelf@eden.rutgers.edu
01:790:300 Sec: H6 Intro PoliSci Methods TTH 6-9:40PM HCK 202 Field whfield@rci.rutgers.edu
01:790:304 Sec: H6 Congressional Politics Online Online Mahoney mitchell.anna@gmail.com
pdf 01:790:319 Sec: H6 Issues of American Foreign Policy Online Online Scuderi scuderi@eden.rutgers.edu
01:790:327 Sec: H6 International Political Economy Online Online Teo tteo@eden.rutgers.edu
01:790:340 Sec: H6 Law and Society Hybrid: T 6-9:40PM HCK 211 Wollenberg ywollenberg@verizon.net
pdf 01:790:345 Sec: H6 Mass Media & US Democracy TTH 6-9:40PM SC 106 Kleinberg mkleinb@rci.rutgers.edu
01:790:350 Sec: H6 Environmental Politics MW 6-9:40PM CA-A1 Knievel tknievel@scarletmail.rutgers.edu
01:790:361 Sec: H5 International Organization Online Online Rossi mrossi1@rci.rutgers.edu
01:790:389 Sec: H6 Topics in Comparative Politics: Barcelona Experience Hybrid: W 6-9:40PM HCK 202 Peleg mpeleg@rci.rutgers.edu