European Summer Institute (ESI)

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Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 ESI program was cancelled and we decided cancel ESI 2021 due to many uncertainties*. Health and wellbeing of our students, faculty and partners is of paramount importance to us. There is a multitude of factors but unavailability of home stays and dorms, current (and potential) restrictions on excursions and uncertainty surrounding study tours in Geneva and Brussels are among the main ones. We know that students value ESI because of many reasons but most importantly because it offers cultural immersion and opportunity to visit UN and EU institutions, directly observe their workings and network with professionals and students from other countries. That may not be possible until we are sure that COVID-19 can be treated and/or there is a vaccine. Our plan is to continue our partnership with the University of Kassel (Germany) in organizing the ESI 2022. If you have questions or would like more information, please, be sure to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


*Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 & 2021 ESI program was/is cancelled.  Our hope is to continue our partnership with the University of Kassel (Germany) in organizing the next ESI when both countries feel it is safe to do so.  Please be sure to check back here or on the Rutgers Global Study Abroad website. 

The European Summer Institute (ESI) is a joint educational venture between the MA Program in Political Science - United Nations and Global Policy Studies (UNMA) at Rutgers University New Brunswick, and the International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD) at the University of Kassel, Germany.  The UNMA collaborates with Rutgers Department of Women's and Gender Studies, Center for European Studies and Political Science Department of the Division of Global Affairs at Rutgers Newark.

Please watch ESI 2019 video prepared by our colleagues at the University of Kassel and visit ESI 2020 page to get some idea about program, its requirements, duration, courses and costs. Please note this is for information only. ESI 2021 information will be available in the late the Fall of 2021.


Yasin Bennane (Summer 2019)

"Studying abroad in Germany and Switzerland with the ESI program has equipped me with a stronger understanding of how global politics operates in different contexts. Visiting the historical sites in Kassel and Berlin and UN Headquarters and International Committee of the Red Cross office in Geneva has tremendously complemented my academic studies through being able to witness the dynamic relationship between political theory and the practice of global affairs".

Briana Peters (Summer 2019)

"I’ve done previous Rutgers summer study abroad programs in Japan and France, but I was unsure about staying in Germany for 6 weeks with a host family. However, I quickly became part of the family, got closer to my peers, and even made other international friends thanks to my “host sister” – an international student from China my family was also hosting at the time. After touring a few fantasy-like castles, feeding a swan chips in Geneva, learning about the UN by actually visiting headquarters, and eating some bratwursts along the way, I embraced the ESI experience". 

Hamza Karoumia (Summer 2019)  

"ESI was a phenomenal opportunity for me. I was exposed to new ways of academic thought and perspectives. I met fascinating students from all walks of life, and established connections that will last a lifetime. The excursions were wonderful because we got to interact and question some pivotal world leaders on certain economic policies. Some of the leaders we had the privilege of meeting represented the European Commission, ACP, and other state officials. There was also plenty of time to explore Germany and Europe as a whole. I thoroughly enjoyed the ESI".