All students enrolled in M.A. Program in United Nations and Global Policy Studies are required to take the following courses:

  • 790:525 Introduction to the United Nations: Theory, Institutions, Policy and Processes
  • 790:518 Theory and Method in the Study of Global Affairs
  • 790:546 Capstone Seminar in United Nations and Global Policy Studies

In addition to core courses, the UNMA curriculum is organized around five areas of concentration that are meant to offer a specialization which a student can present to an prospective employer. Concentrations, however, are not meant to constrain the choice of courses that are of interest to UNMA students. If students are planing to take any courses outside of the UNMA Program they need to get an approval from the Executive Director of the UNMA Program.

Democracy, Participation, and Community

Theories of Democratic Transitions
Democracy in Crisis: Problems of Consolidation
Democracy, Development and Human Rights
Democratic and Authoritarian Rule in Post-Communist States
Theories of Civil Society and Political Community
Indigenous Political Theory
Narratives of Wealth, Inequality and Power

Human Rights, Gender Equality, and International Law

Introduction to Human Rights
Advancing International Women’s Human Rights
International Law and the United Nations
International Criminal Law
Comparative International Legal Regimes
Democracy, Development and Human Rights
Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment and the United Nations
Women, Islam and Democracy
Human Trafficking and the United Nations
International Legitimacy and Global Justice

Development, Environment, and Public Health

The Politics of Inequality and Sustainable Development
The Politics of Food (In)Security
The Politics of water and Security
Globalization and Forced Migration
International Political Economy
Global Environmental Politics
Introduction to Environmental Sciences
Energy Technology & Environment
International Environmental Policy
The Politics of Air Pollution and Climate Change
International Economics
The Political Economy of Health Care Delivery

Conflict Resolution, Counter-terrorism, and Cyber Security

Strategies of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
Counter-Terrorism and Democracy
Global Politics of Internet Security
Cyber-Terrorism and Cyber War
Youth and Terrorist Movements
Theories of Conflict Resolution
Theories of Transitional Justice
The Art and Politics of Negotiation
Extremism, Violence and Political Change
American Foreign Policy in a Time of War

Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development & Security

Global Business Models and Socially Responsible Development
Corporate Social Responsibility and the United Nations
International Business Ethics, Regulations and the State
Business Economics
Supplemental courses:
Internship in United Nations and Global Policy Studies
Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
Introduction to Qualitative Analysis