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Rutgers Student Intverviews French Far Right Leaders

Rutgers Student Intverviews French Far Right Leaders:

Eric David is pleased to announce that TARII has received a $400,000...

"Eric Davis, president of The Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TARII), is pleased to announce that TARII has received a $400,000 grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York to help improve the teaching of social sciences in 5 major Iraqi universities."

Professor Kelemen on WBEZ Worldview...

Professor Kelemen on WBEZ Worldview:

Alumni Achievements

Dr. Brittany Stalsburg was named one of Connecticut's "40 under 40" by Connecticut magazine:

Dr. Kelly Clancy published her book "The Politics of Genetically Modified Organisms in the United States and Europe". This book examines the puzzle of why genetically modified organisms continue to be controversial despite scientific evidence declaring them safe for humans and the environment. Read more here.

Dr. Alexandra Filindra and Dr. Noah Kaplan became the recipients of MPSA 2015 Lucius Barker Award for the best paper presented at the annual meeting on a topic investigating race or ethnicity and politics honoring the spirit and work of Professor Barker. Their paper “Racial Resentment and Whites’ Gun Policy Preferences in Contemporary America” was presented at the MPSA conference in April 2015.