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Students on the Move

Merissa Pimenta

31562362 2081605875439340 3952068647664484352 nThank you Merissa Pimenta for sharing your inspiring story - 'On the first day of my internship at the Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the UN I was assigned to attend a meeting on Reform of the General Assembly. I was so excited and could not believe I would be doing this regularly. While interning at the Costa Rican Mission, I was working with the fourth committee expert which was very active in drafting a proposal of the Resolution of the Decade of Family Farming. I assisted in coordinating meeting with experts from other missions for the co-sponsoring of the proposal. During the internship I learned so much about UNGA procedures, generated talking points for state representatives, represented Costa Rica at the International Young 31543206 2081605878772673 3483451333002919936 nLeadership Assembly as a sponsor of this event and met the President, Foreign Affairs Minister, Minister of Women, Minister of Trade and many other important representatives from my country that have motivated me to pursue a career in diplomacy. When I complete my Master’s Degree, I will study for the foreign service exam to hopefully one day, have the opportunity to represent my country at the UNGA. While interning, going to work everyday felt unreal as I was so close to my dream job. This internship opened my eyes to all the career opportunities within the UN and diplomatic community. I also couldn’t be more grateful that the expert from the Fourth Committee that I was assigned to assist, was very young and motivated me to pursue my dreams and establish a clear career path. I strongly recommend anyone enrolled in UNMA program apply for internships at the UN and state missions to the UN'. 

Farrukh Salim

Students on the Move: How do you usually spend your summer? Our very own Farrukh Salim had a very productive summer in Pakistan last year, enjoying the beauty of his native country and sharing his expertise on the US-Pakistan relationship. Here is a snapshot and brief overview of his conversation on the 'Current Affairs' show by 'Khyber News' which is widely viewed in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.
"In one of his first tweets of the new year, President Donald Trump lamented Pakistan, an ally in the war on terror, for deceiving the US while accepting billions of dollars in assistance and aid. This tweet generated a massive uproar in Pakistan. The media, civil society, and the government responded by citing its sacrifices in the war on terror and citing the thousands of lives lost as well as the economic cost of the war. This TV program discussed the Pakistani government's response to the tweet. The participants in the program are: retired army officer Saeed Nazir, Director of News and Current Affairs Khyber News Hassan Khan, and UNMA student Farrukh Salim. The army officer said Pakistan needed to respond by cutting off cooperation with the US in intelligence until the US respects Pakistan's sacrifices. Hassan Khan said Pakistan needs to alter its approach and align with other strategic partners in the region as well as convincing the US of its policy. Farrukh Salim said the Pakistani government has overreacted to the tweet, as the President usually tweets on various issues which do not necessarily reflect policy. Salim also said Pakistan needed to engage with the US on various levels to mutually tackle the threat of terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan".
Way to go Farrukh!

Rebekah Mann

Rebekah MannRebekah is a first year UNMA student from Florida. She attended "It’s On Us" rally at Rutgers with special guest Joe Biden on October 12. Here is Rebekah's take and important message from the former Vice-President of the US: 'I had the pleasure of attending the Joe Biden rally to end violence against women and abuse. His "It's On Us" campaign began on 2014 with Barack Obama after a White House task force recommended ways to prevent sexual violence on campus. Through his speech, Joe Biden encouraged both men and women to speak up to stop an assault from happening. His emphasis however was on men who were asked to challenge the false narrative that the only way to be a "man" is by mistreating women. "We must change our culture!" he said. This requires rewriting the narrative and changing the standards of how women should be treated. Joe Biden has been an advocate for ending assault and violence against women for a long time. As the Vice-President he appointed the first White House adviser on violence against women. He shared with us the fact that this fight will not be won until a woman no longer asks herself or others "what did I do?" The blame will shift to the true monster, the abuser, instead of an innocent woman or man that is the victim. It is clear that it is on us to be the advocates for these people and for each other, to offer support, and to always speak up. Action, not passivity, is what will help us to accomplish this goal. It's on us! One of my favorite moments of the rally was when Joe Biden stated, "I know our President talks about 'locker room talk.' They didn't talk that way in my locker room." The room erupted in applause and cheering. It was such an empowering speech and rally. He went on to say "the guys who’re usually saying that are usually the ugliest sons of bit... guns in the room." I have never clapped harder in my life'. 

Sarah Ragsdale

pastedImageStudents on the Move: Meet Sarah Ragsdale who just started her first semester with UNMA this Spring. She has a diverse and impressive background in music, entertainment, and non-profits. She holds undergraduate degrees from Radford University in Economics (B.S.), Spanish (B.A.), and Music (B.A.) as well as a certificate in Music Composition from Berklee. Sarah was a Kirk Scholar studying Mandarin Chinese abroad, as well as Spanish during study abroad and internship in Mexico. As a performer and songwriter, she has spent time in Africa and Europe working on international music collaborations. She currently holds a Communications Internship at the Center for Women's Global Leadership. Sarah loves the very involved faculty in the UNMA program, as well as their first-hand stories from prominent work in global organizations. She hopes that her unconventional background will be an asset to her work in the UNMA program. Recently Sarah attended the Eagleton Institute of Politicspublic lecture “Our Country, the Constitution and Conservatism” with speaker William Kristol, the editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard. Sarah got to ask the speaker closing question which she focused on the strength of our institutions under authoritarian-leaning leadership. UNMA wishes you very best, Sarah and we look forward to expand our collaboration beyond the classwork!

Kelly Nagle

Kelly Nagle 1The evening at the UN IYLA was really interesting and inspiring. Not only did we get a chance to hear from delegates, UN officials, and impressive international students, but we also had the opportunity to network with students and professionals. It was really interesting hearing about people's jobs as they relate to international development and entrepreneurship. It was also incredible to be in General Assembly Hall. I would definitely recommend people attending next year of we have the opportunity again.

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