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Title: Survey Research (790:307:01)
Instructor: Prof. David Redlawsk
Instructor’s e-mail:
Days, Times, Locations: TTh 3:55-5:15 CAR
Office Hours: 603 Hickman Hall, T 10:00-noon or by appointment

This class introduces students to the theory and practice of survey research through a combination of traditional in-class lectures and reading assignments, along with a hands-on practical experience actually doing survey research. Using a computer-based interviewing system students will develop a questionnaire and put it into the "field" through telephone interviewing of randomly selected people. We will work with local non-profit organizations to collect data and develop reports to help them with their program delivery. Hence there is a "civic engagement" aspect of the coursed - students will not only learn in the classroom, but will become engaged with community organizations in the process of learning how to do surveys. Grades are based on the survey group project, exams on survey theory, and class participation.





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